352 HVAC Details + 100,000 AutoCAD Details

From: Anthony F.
Monday Evening, Sommer '2010

Don’t risk AutoCad “burnout” before you discover how quickly these TIME SAVING details can change your life!

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Dear Fellow HVAC Designer,

When I was first getting started in HVAC AutoCad design, I would have killed for what I’m about to show you. I always had a feeling that there was an easier way to get things done right. There had to be a short-cut that would make my hours and hours of work go by faster, with a lot less stress and frustration.

I mean, years of design study and the endless hours of trying to perfect my designs were incredibly satisfying but, there had to be an easier way. And now there is...

Let me explain: My name is Anthony Fore and what I’m about to share with you can make all your HVAC designs quicker, easier and more cost effective to make. And what’s even better, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on these details. In fact, the cost to you is less than half what my closest competitor is offering.

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  • Have more time for your “other” interests....
  • Give you the tools to make crisp and clear designs that are easy to read...

Though studies have shown that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, most people don’t understand all the variables that affect our comfort and health, or how we might change things to control them better.

And that’s the HVAC designer’s job. To make our inside environment more healthy and comfortable.

Here’s the story: You know, it’s been said that the process of design and construction is always one of compromise. There is no single guiding principle that must always be followed. But, your details need to be readily accessible and expertly conceived.

I have compiled a collection of details second to none. And now I’m making them available to you, the HVAC AutoCad Designer. This collection is an excellent addition to your arsenal of AutoCad design tools.

Ever since my start in this “noble profession”, I’ve been designing and collecting the tools I needed to get the job done. And if you’re at all like me, you’re an impatient person who doesn’t have “all the time in the world” to waste trying to do everything from scratch.

Providing excellent service and finishing all my projects on time has been a “feather-in-my-cap.” And I’m proud to say that a lot of the on-time record can directly be traced to the fantastic details I’ve use.

So... what does this mean for you? If you’re involved in AutoCad HVAC design... creating it and finishing it to run your business....

What You Discover Here
Will Change The Way You Look At
HVAC Design Forever.

Knowing the “insider” secrets to great HVAC design offers you the power to move the world. Overnight, you can create designs that will flood your business with customers. Engorge your bank account with massive amounts of cash. Crush your competition. And take any venture in HVAC Design from zero to breathtaking success in a matter of days.

The trick, of course, is finding the right tools.

There’s a lot of nonsense out there. Too many “experts” who really don’t have the chops. A “guide” in every town willing to take your money and give you a “tool” that doesn’t have a prayer of making your work any easier. Designers who don’t know what they’re doing.

That’s why I’ve put together this collection of details (and complete schedules). It’s the exact “insider” secret weapon I wish I had when I was starting out. Having even one or two of these adaptable details would have short-cut my own designs over the years by... oh... half at least. Probably more. These are short-cut tools most designers never discover.

Will it work on your platform?  Find out with...

Free Sample Downloads

Download some of the files so you can see the quality of these details and just how time saving they can be to plug into your AutoCAD Designs.

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HVAC Design Isn’t Just A Process, It Affects Almost Every Person
Who Lives Or Works Indoors

You know there's a lot riding on your ability to create designs that make the HVAC systems more “people friendly”. And when you do design a winner, you become a hero. Because most people don't even realize all the hard work and thought that goes into HVAC Design. It isn't a walk in the park, and I speak from experience.

Everyday you roll up to your desk to work on one of your designs, you're putting some persons comfort level on the line. And if you screw-up, you have a lot of very unhappy and uncomfortable people trying to live and work in an environment that is anything but “comfortable.”

And according to Richard Tretheway of “This Old House” fame:

“In my view, it’s the home’s (or businesses) heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, along with its plumbing, that set the foundation on which the family’s physical comfort and health depend. These same systems also affect the family’s wealth not just in the price of their purchase, but in ongoing cost of operating and maintaining them.”

You see, HVAC isn’t just a simple architectural drawing style. But a science and an art all wrapped up in one. I mean, if it was so simple, everyone would be doing their own designs. But they aren’t, are they.

You’re a Specialist Who Needs Tools to Make The Right Decisions

So you as a specialist have to do the all the brain-storming and designing, with all the considerations of the final product. And to make your job more to the point, you need the right tools to work with.

HVAC Details 2.0 are one of those tools. And with them, your day of “sweat and toil” becomes a day of “ease and comfort” knowing that you don’t have to start every drawing from a blank screen. Thankfully, those days are over.

But even if you do start one or two of your designs from a blank screen, you’ll have these details available to build on the one you’ve created yourself. Too “explode” your solo-effort.

If only one of the designs saves you a half a day of work, they would be worth the small investment? Because the cost is so low compared to the benefit, you win on all accounts. In the world of design, shortcuts that work add more money to your bottom-line. And in my book, that’s all good. Like the man said, “Mo’ Money!”

Creating World-Class HVAC Design Drawings
Doesn’t Have To Consume All Your Precious Time.

When it comes to creating your HVAC design drawings, time is of the essence. It’s important to get the job done and delivered to the builder or contractor so the work can be OK’d and the building can begin.

It’s also important that you have a life and spend more time doing things other than working. After all, as the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.” And I know from experience that AutoCad professionals are anything but boring.

These details will help to make your design time shorter by helping you draw quicker. You may even find that the details will give you better ideas on how to create your designs. They are complete with schedules and ready to use. No worry, no fuss.

NEW! - Just Added to HVAC Details 2.0!

I have just received 100,000 additional AutoCad details that I will send to you when you purchase HVAC Details 2.0.

These details all come in pre-arranged categories so it is easy to find the details that you need for the project you are working on.  Just take a look through the categories of details you now get in addition to all the HVAC Details...

  • 3d blocks
  • Planes (TONS..too many to list)
  • Ancon
  • Animals (TONS..too many to list)
  • Arches
  • Arrows (North etc.)
  • Bathroom
  • Beds
  • Beams
  • Boats (TONS..too many to list)
  • Bolts
  • Cars (TONS..too many to list)
  • Chairs
  • Charts
  • Cladding
  • Columns
  • Compass
  • Floor slabs
  • Roof
  • Doors
  • Drainage
  • Electric
  • Fonts
  • Furniture
  • General notes
  • Gym
  • Curb Details
  • Kitchen
  • Lights
  • Logos
  • Manuals
  • Motor Bikes (TONS..too many to list)
  • Nuts
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • People (TONS..too many to list)
  • Pickups (TONS..too many to list)
  • Pillars
  • Pipes
  • Plants
  • Programs
  • Restraint Details
  • Retaining Wall Details
  • Revisions
  • Road signs
  • Radiator Installation Design
  • Screws
  • Shrubs
  • Showers
  • Signs
  • Sinks
  • Slabs
  • Sports
  • Stairs
  • Standard details
  • Steel details
  • Steel members
  • Steel fixings
  • Strap details
  • Structural details
  • Surfaces
  • Swimming pools
  • Symbols
  • Tables
  • Tankers
  • Ties
  • Timber details
  • Toilets
  • Trees
  • Valves
  • Welds
  • Welding Symbols
  • Windows
  • Wood

Close to a GIGABYTE of AutoCad Details.

This bonus cd is currently vailable for AutoCAD 2005.  I am in the process of converting it to AutoCAD 2000 as well.  If you make your purchase now and want the 2000 version just send me an email after your purchase and I'll get the 2000 version out to you as soon as it is available.

HVAC Details 2.0 are so easy to get and use,
you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!

They’re clear, concise and easy to work with. You’ll never have to guess what your working with or what the possibilities are. Take a look at some of the samples below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Piiping connections
to a single cell cooling tower

Typical connections to horizontal
and vertical water unit heater

Volume damper detail

Access panel and access door

Typical power type roof ventilator

Packaged rooftop equiptment

Packaged with full schedules, the HVAC details are simple to use and even easier to manipulate.

And the best part is that you can have them today. Their 100% downloadable. Once you’ve ordered, you’ll be taken to the download page. There you can download them immediately. This means no waiting for the mail to come.

Once you’ve downloaded them, save them to your .dwg files. You can then choose any one you need and add it to your current design. Manipulate it, change the structure and dimensions and you have a quick fix for any situation. That is, compared to starting from scratch.

You may have seen details being offered by others with a price tag twice that of these details. But don’t think this offer is anything less than exceptional.

In fact, my exceptionally low price is easy to explain. I’m a “one-man-operation”. I’ve collected and compiled all the details on my own. My competition has a large organization and lots of employees to pay. This means high-overhead. So you pay more for their product, and less for mine. Simple.

Here's a list of the 352 HVAC Details 2.0
Included in This


1. Control of smoke damp at smoke partition with duct mounted smoke detection. 2. Control of smoke barrier above smoke barrier doors 3. Hoistway vent damper (hvd) controls - click quoteaboiler for new boiler designs
4. Emergency generator room controls 5. Fan powered vav air terminal unit with reheat control diagram 6. Vav air terminal unit with reheat control
7. Vav air terminal unit with reheat control diagram (type"e") combined with perimeter finned tube radiation 8. Vav air terminal unit with reheat control diagram (type “d”) combined with perimeter radiant ceiling panels


9. Vav air terminal unit with reheat control diagram (type"c")
10. constant volume air terminal unit with reheat control diagram (type"b") 11. Vav air terminal unit without reheat control diagram (type"a") 12. Packaged air- cooled water chiller controls
13. Hepa filter controls for autopsy and isolation refrigerator exhaust controls 15. H3 radioisotope hood variable volume exhaust air controls
16. H3 radioisotope hood constant volume exhaust air controls 17. Exhaust air system for positive isolation room 18. Exhaust air system for negative isolation room
19. Walk-in refrigerator or freezer system control with water cooled condenser 20. Walk-in refrigerator or freezer system control with air cooled condenser 21. Steam humidifier controls
22. Dual converter control (heating system) 23. Hot water unit heater control 24. Cabinet unit heater control
25. Hot water cabinet unit heater controls 26. Two pipe fan coil unit controls 27. Biological H2 cabinet exhaust
28. Flexible duct connection for air terminal units 29. Nurse server cabinet exhaust 30. Cage washer Exhaust detail
31. Hood type "b" 32. Hood type "a" 33. Film processor duct detail
34. Dishwasher exhaust and piping detail 35. Exhaust fan stack detail 36. Low pressure duct riser support medium and high pressure duct riser support
37. Round duct hangers 38. Flat oval duct hangers/ reinforcement 39. Section through typical fire damper installation
40. Ceiling diffuser take-offs 41. access section for round/oval duct 42. access panel for high pressure duct systems
43. Access panel/ access door 44. Volume damper detail 45. Duct work radius elbows
46. Exhaust or return branch duct work 47. Rectangular flexible connection round flexible connection 48. Supply branch duct for fan coil units
49. Supply duct work take-off 50. Typical duct work transition with equipment mounted in duct 51. Duct work square vaned elbows
52. Low-silhouette exhaust or intake hood 53. Typical power type roof ventilator 54. Horizontal water cooled heat pump installation detail
55. Access door swing detail for air handling units 56. Concealed horizontal fan coil units with outside air mounting detail 57. Exposed horizontal cabinet fan coil unit with outside air mounting detail
58. Exposed horizontal fan coil unit mounting detail 59. Typical connections to horizontal type steam humidifier with multiple diffusers 60. Typical connections to horizontal type steam humidifier with single diffuser
61. Piping connections to horizontal type steam unit heater 62. Wall hung convector detail 63. Typical connections to steam coil
64. Typical connections to horizontal hot water connections to vertical hot water unit heater 65. Piping crossing a seismic joint detail c 66. Typical piping connections to two pipe fan coil units, vav boxes and duct mounted reheat coils
67. Typical connections to water coils 68. Hot water radiant ceiling panel piping detail 69. Piping crossing A seismic joint detail E
70. Piping crossing F seismic joint detail D 71. Piping crossing A seismic joint detail B 72. Piping crossing A seismic joint detail A
73. Steam pressure reducing station double valve 74. steam pressure reducing station single valve 75. Typical piping connections to multi-cell cooling tower
76. Typical piping connections to single cell cooling tower 77. Typical piping connections to absorption chiller 78. Typical piping connections to reciprocating
79. Typical piping connections to water cooled electric chiller 80. Typical piping connections to air coiled water chiller 81. Pilot test connections
82. Typical piping connections 83. Typical cooling tower water treatment system (open system) 84. Typical chilled and heating hot water treatment for closed systems
85. Typical piping connections to water filters for chilled and heating hot water systems 86. Expansion loop detail 87. Typical piping connections to evaporative water coolers
88. Air handling unit drain trap detail 89. Typical chilled and hot water piping drain valve connections/Typical air vent 90. Piping and control diagram for indirect make up for glycol water system
91. Air control and piping convections for chilled and heating hot water systems with diaphragm type expansion tank 92. Air control and piping connections for chilled and heating hot water systems with floor mounted expansion tank 93. Air control and piping connections for chilled and heating hot water systems with horizontal expansion tank
94. Condensate return piping around openings 95. Typical piping connections to condensate pumps 96. Typical piping connections to floor mounted double suction water pumps
97. Typical piping connections to floor mounted double suction water pumps 98. Typical piping connections to floor mounted single suction water pumps 99. Typical piping connections to floor mounted single suction water pumps
100. Typical piping connections to in-line water pumps 101. Typical detail for tubing piping and conduits passing through pre-fab insulated wall panels 102. Installation of thermometer wells
103. Water flow measuring device installation detail 104. Water flow measuring device installation detail 105. Detail of anchor in trench for steam and condensate lines
106. Typical pipe trench in building 107. Anchor for condenser water or chilled water pipes 108. Support/Anchor for pipe risers
109. Horizontal pipe anchor detail 110. Detail for supporting pipe on roof 111. Trapeze hanger for up
112. Refrigerant piping diagram for ceiling mounted compressor (walk in refrigerator or freezer) 113. Refrigerant piping diagram for ceiling mounted compressor (walk in refrigerator or freezer) 114. Refrigerant piping detail (air conditioning)
115. Refrigerant piping detail (air conditioning) 116. Fire protection for ceiling outlets 117. Seismic bracing for light suspended equipment
118. Concrete equipment bases 119. trust restraint for fans 120. Vibration isolation bases
121. Typical method of securing hanger rods in concrete slabs and beams 122. Controls symbols 123. Controls symbols
124. Valve symbols 125. Piping riser symbols 126. General symbols
127. Combination air conditioning and heating piping symbols 128. Piping symbols 129. Air terminal symbols
130. Terminal unit symbols 131. Duct work symbols 132. Duct work symbols
133. Duct work symbols 134. Drawing symbols 135. Abbreviations
136. Abbreviations 137. Abbreviations 138. Abbreviations
139. Abbreviations 140. General Notes 141. Designer's notes for details and schedules
142. Support for unit cooler 143. Pipe/duct penetration of fine/smoke barriers 144. Cold water make up back flow preventor
145. Duct penetration thru roof 146. Typical drain hook-up 147.Duct roof terminal
148. Fire tube (fire box) boiler piping hookup low pressure steam packaged or field assembled 149. Fuel oil schematic- light oil pressurized loop 150. Fuel oil schematic-light oil valve ( hot water)
151. Heating coil connections with 2 way valve ( hot water) 152. Pipe hanging detail 153. Condersate return and boiler feed piping detail diagrammatic sketch
154. Pipe foundation wall sleeve 155. Roof mounted stanchion base support 156. Duct roof terminal
157. Duct penetration thru roof 158. Pipe foundation wall sleeve 159. Pipe sleeve thru wall
160. Roof mounted pipe support detail 161. Heating coil connection-steam (multiple coil) 162. Heating coil connection (single coil)
163. Heating coil connections steam 164. Heating coil convections with 2 way valve ( hot water) 165. Heating coil connections with 3 way control valve and circulating pump ( hot water)
166. Single cooling coil connection 167. Multiple cooling coil piping 168. Modular boiler details
169. Fire tube ( Fire box) Boiler piping hook up low pressure steam- packaged or field assembled 170. Cast iron boiler piping hook-up low pressure steam-packaged or field assembled 171. Scotch marie boiler piping hookup low pressure steam-( Package or field assembled) air atomizing type
172. Fuel oil schematic- light or heavy oil non pressurized loop 173. Fuel oil schematic-light oil pressurized loop 174. Typical drain hook-up
175. Steam meter valving 176. Steam to water converter piping detail 177. Steam to water converter piping detail
178. Computer room ac unit mounting 179. Round supply air duct work branch duct connection 180. Propellor fan thru the wall detail
181. control strategy-interface with V.T. controller 182. Louvered pent house detail 183. Cooling tower piping hook-up (induced draft)
184. Hot water cabinet heater detail 185. Piping support from roof 186. Multiple heating coil detail-hot water
187. Typical hanging detail for equipment duct work and piping 188. Local control panel detail 189. Pipe trench detail
190. Coil section detail 191. Reheat coil section detail 192. Console fan coil unit detail
193. heating coil connections steam 194. Condensate return and boiler feed piping details diagrammatic sketch 195. Domestic hot water heater piping connections
196. Pipe anchor 197. Pipe Guide 198. Pipe penetration at roof
199. Pipe anchor-("3" and below) 200. Domestic hot water heater piping connections 201. pipe heat trace
202. Open type expansion tank 203. Condensate flash tank connections 204. Compression tank with air separator
205. Compression tank with air separator precharge type 206. Fuel oil tank- fiber glass 207. Underground fuel oil storage tank
208. Duplex fuel oil pump set piping 209. In-line pump detail 210. End-suction water pump installation
211. Horizontal split case water pump installation 212. Pump valving (suction at floor level) 213.Packaged air cooled A.C. until detail
214. A.C. unit piping hook-up ( 2-way) 215. A.C. unit piping hook-up ( 3-way) 216. Fan coil piping detail
217. Inline fan hanging support detail 218. Roof exhauster detail 219. Kitchen roof exhaust fan detail
220. Inline fan floor mounted 221. Hanging detail H.V.A.C. equipment 222. Computer RM. a/c unit piping detail
223. Computer RM. a/c unit piping detail 224. Fan coil unit detail 225. Fan coil unit detail
226. Refrigerant piping schematic 227. Forced Draft cooling tower piping detail 228. Forced draft cooling tower piping detail (multiple cell)
229. Cast iron steam radiator detail 230.Cast iron radiator piping detail 231. Heating element in Flr. trench detail
232. Convector-hot water 233. Convector-steam 234. One(1) high hot water fin tube radiation down feed
235. One(1) high hot water fin tube radiation up feed 236. Convector detail-steam 237. Unit heater hot water piping
238. Unit heater low pressure steam piping 239. Steam humidifier detail (single distribution) 240. Steam humidifier detail (multiple manifold)
241. Condensate pump set connections duplex 242. Duplex vacuum pump detail 243. Chiller piping detail
244. Supply air duct work branch duct connection 245. Plate frame heat exchanger 246. vertical riser guide and anchor (4"0 & above)
247. Typical detail of concrete pipe trench in buliding 248. Chiller piping detail 249. Round duct hanging detail
250. Method of hanging duct work 251. Turning vane detail 252. Companion angle flanged joint detail transverse for low pressure duct work
253. Acoustical duct liner detail 254. Detail of sides and top of breeching opening in chimney (no air space) 255. Details of sub-duct
256. Circular branch connection to single air outlet 257. Duct piercing structural steel detail 258. Linear Diffuser
259. Supply air ductwork branch duct connection 260. Supply duct with splitter damper 261. Supply air duct work branch duct connection
262. Return air duct work branch duct connection 263. Electric duct heater 264. Outside air intake detail
265. Fine damper detail 266. Fine damper detail high velocity 267. Horizontal fire damper detail
268. Combination fire and smoke damper detail 269. Horizontal computer RM. A.C. unit piping detail 270. Plate frame heat exchanger
271. Packaged A.C. unit piping detail 272. Plater frame heat exchanger 273. Direct digital control panel
274. Water cooled heat pump schedule 275. Single packaged water cooled air conditioner schedule 276. Room heating and cooling unit schedule (thru-wall, electric heating coil, self-contained refrigeration)
277. Make-up air heating and ventilating unit schedule 278. Air handling unit schedule 279. Direct expansion coil schedule
280. Steam coil schedule 281. Hot water heating coil schedule 282. Chilled water cooling coil schedule
283. Electric radiant ceiling panel schedule 284. Electric unit heater schedule 285. Electric duct mounted heater schedule
286. Steam unit heater schedule 287. Hot water finned tube radiation schedule 288. Energy efficient motor schedule
289. HVAC design data 290. Condensing unit schedule 291. Unit coller schedule
292. Vibration isolation schedule 293. HVAC pump schedule 294. Vacuum pump schedule
295. Steam condensate pump schedule 296. Air cooled condensing unit schedule 297. Evaporative water cooler schedule
298. Evaporative condenser schedule 299. Package air cooled reciprocating 300. Reciprocating chiller and remote air cooled condenser schedule
301. Water cooled chiller schedule 302. Water flow measuring device 303. Expansion tank schedule
304. Hot water unit heater schedule 305. Single duct air terminal unit schedule 306. Four pipe fan coil unit schedule
307. Two pipe fan coil unit schedule 308. Air flow control valve (terminal units) schedule 309. Air terminal unit sounds requirement
310. Steam radiator finned tube radiation and convector connections schedule (for gravity or vacuum return systems) 311. Steam humidifier schedule 312. Condersate cooler schedule
313. Converter schedule 314. Water filter schedule 315. Safety valve and relief valve schedule
316. Cooling tower schedule 317. Hydronic radiant ceiling panel schedule 318. Fan schedule
319. Rotary air to air heat exchanger schedule 320. Air to air plate heat exchanger schedule 321. Energy recovery run around water coil schedule
322. Sound attenuating units schedule) 323. Curb mounted gravity hood schedule 324. Duct leakage classification and allowable leakage table
325. Compressor unit schedule 326. Hoistway vent damper schedule 327. Smoke and combination fire/smoke damper schedule
328. Air flow measuring device schedule 329. Air filter schedule 330. Exhaust and fume hood schedule
331. Duct pressure class table 332. Diffuser/ grille schedule 333. Air handler schedule
334. Packaged roof top equipment 335. Condensing unit schedule 336. Minimate evaporator unit
337. Gas fired infra-red tube heaters 338. Packaged roof top equipment 339. Minimate outdoor air cooled condensing unit
340. Exhaust fan schedule 341. Electric baseboard 342. Fan coil
343. Furnace equipment schedule 344. Legends 345. Sequence of operation for variable air volume air hand line unit with economizer
346. HVAC specifications 347. HVAC duct system 348. Type roof 1
349. Unit elevation 350. Branch duct take off and damper detail 351. Cabinet unit heater detail
352. Roof top units (typical)    

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